Carriage House Garage Doors 101

June 4, 2024

Carriage house garage doors originate from the era when owners would store their horse and buggy instead of their car. While the original doors were made of wood and featured thick iron hinges on either side of the door, modern advancements have provided faux wood and overhead door operation. Therefore, you can still achieve that timeless, elegant and beautiful aesthetic, but with up-to-date functionality.

Best Home Styles for Carriage House Garage Doors

Will a carriage house garage door work with your home’s architectural style? While according to design experts, the following home styles are well-suited to carriage house designs, any home can be equipped with one! Our DoorView Garage Door Builder can help you visualize a door right on your home!

  • Victorian. For a traditional look, carriage house style doors are a must on a Victorian home. In addition to their upscale aesthetic, they’ll give your home an additional touch of historical accuracy.
  • Tudor. A Tudor style home is characterized by details like gable roofs, timbering, masonry, leaded glass, and brickwork or stonework. These dramatic features work well with the character of carriage house garage doors.
  • Spanish Colonial. Often paired with tiled roofing and arched windows and doors, the natural woodgrain and metal fixtures of carriage house garage doors will elevate the Mediterranean character of your Spanish Colonial home.
  • Craftsman. These styled homes can include exposed beams, prominent columns, patterned glass and overhanging eaves, and carriage house garage doors can provide a pleasing balance with these elements.
  • Ranch. Ranch homes often have low-pitched roofs, simple lines and rustic charm. Carriage house doors with crossbars and barn-door accents can complement the horizontal lines and relaxed aesthetic of ranch homes, creating a balanced and inviting façade.

Real or Faux Wood

Traditional carriage house garage doors are made of real wood. Real wood carriage doors do provide versatility in materials; but can be more costly and require more maintenance.

Modern Faux Wood garage doors have a steel base and often a composite wood overlay. This option is more low-maintenance; but still gives numerous options and versatility in windows, hardware options and finishes.

Overall carriage house doors can provide you with that specific curb appeal you may be looking for and with modern technology there are plenty of options for you to get just the right fit.

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