​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Impression Fiberglass Collection​®

These fiberglass garage doors offer a variety of architectural styles that capture the beauty and detail of natural wood without the maintenance. These magnificently engineered doors feature an artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface while concealing durable steel construction, and provide quality, beauty and value to your home.

Our fiberglass doors will add warmth and ambiance to the façade of any home. After selecting the panel style and adding personal touches like window and glass design and decorative hardware, the finished garage entry is sure to reflect the best of personal style and unmatched elegance.

Multiple Design & Color Options

Choose the glass, design and color to perfectly complement your home.

Factory Installed Powder-Coated Hardware

Ensures proper alignment and smoother operation with a clean interior appearance.

Foamed-in-place Polyurethane Insulation

With an R-value of 7.6 helps control costly heat loss and gain. This type of insulation can diminish street noise and makes the door more quiet as it operates.

Designed with Award-Winning Safety and Technolgy Features

Including pinch-resistant door panels.


Limited Lifetime Warranty on door Residential Garage Door and Opener System Limited Warranty (when purchased together) – features 3 years on components (see warranty for details)

Wind Load

Our WindStorm™ wind load rated system is available on selected products to meet regulations for a variety of wind speeds, ensuring your door is built to withstand varying wind conditions, including hurricane-force winds, and meet the most stringent local building codes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

7800 (981) – 7ft. Vertical Raised
7800 (984) – 7ft. Horizontal Groove
7800 (981) – 8ft. Vertical Raised
7800 (984) – 8ft. Horizontal Groove
7800 (982) – 7ft. Horizontal Raised
7800 (982) – 8ft. Horizontal Raised
7800 (983) – 7ft. Vertical Vertical Slat
7800 (983) – 8ft. Vertical Vertical Slat

The Impression Collection® garage doors are available in ten standard stain finishes.

Honduran Mahogany
Red Oak

Actual door color may vary slightly from the digital representation above.

Window Styles

Square Top – For Vertical Slat Panel:

Plain Window
6 Window
8 Window
12 Window
16 Window
20 Window

Arch Top – For Vertical Slat Panel:

Plain Window
6 Window
8 Window
12 Window
16 Window
20 Window

For Raised Panel:

Horizontal Raised
Vertical Raised

Glass Options

All decorative trim windows come standard with double strength glass. 

Actual glass may vary from digital rendering.

Satin Etched
Gray Tint
Green Tint

Garage Door Hardware

Premium Collection

Value Collection

Three-section construction on 7 ft. high and under doors provides a custom look. Doors over 7 ft. and up to 8 ft. high have four-section construction. Doors over 9′ wide, have a vertical seam added to support the door’s material. Please request a drawing from your distributor if you are ordering a door over 9′ wide. All panels have finished white interiors.

  • 7800 (981) features a classic vertical raised panel design with an oak wood grain pattern.
  • 7800 (982) features a horizontal raised panel design with an oak wood grain pattern.
  • 7800 (983) garage doors feature a vertical slat design with a cherry wood grain pattern.
  • 7800 (984) garage door features a horizontal V-groove design with a mahogany wood grain pattern.