Is it Safe to Repair Your Garage Door Yourself?

March 21, 2024

Your garage door, whether for your home or business, provides protection to vehicles and offers potential storage opportunities. Additionally, they help provide an extra layer of protection for unwanted intrusions and harsh weather conditions.

It’s not uncommon for a garage door to need repair at some point in its life span. Daily use causes wear-and-tear and over time can be the cause of a more catastrophic problem.

While the cost drops to repair the garage door yourself, there are a few things you may want to consider before taking on the task.

Lack of Proper Training

While there are many resources available online, our technicians have gone through extensive training to repair your garage door properly and efficiently.

There may be some situations where a homeowner is able to complete their own repairs. However, without proper training, it is possible to cause more damage which may ultimately cost more money.

Not Having the Correct Tools

Some repairs require equipment that the average homeowner does not have, which often results in a DIY makeshift solution.

Having the proper equipment and tools is important to consider when repairing a garage door yourself.

Causing Worse Damage

More significant damage to the door can occur without proper training and tools. In addition, the risk of injury to yourself increases when performing the task. Our technicians have the knowledge to assess and plan for the repair when evaluating your garage door.

Avoid the Hassle

Here at Overhead Door Company of Green Bay, we are there for you when your garage door malfunctions or breaks.

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