Smart Technology in the Garage

June 13, 2023

The Overhead Door™ automatic garage door openers and opener accessories are designed for performance. When combined with one of our garage doors, you get an integrated system that will maximize performance and reliability.  

We offer a full range of automatic garage door openers that feature a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes. Every opener is equipped with built-in, standard functions for ultimate safety, convenience, and power.  

In addition, we have a wide variety of garage door opener accessories that are carefully crafted for design and modern technology. 

Garage Door Openers 

There are two main components that make the opener function – the motor type and the drive type.  

Motor Types

The motor type comes in two main options, AC and DC power. 

A garage door opener that is powered by an AC motor is more likely to be louder, larger and heavier as it requires more components.  

A garage door opener that is powered by a DC motor offers the most power and is the smoothest running motor in the industry. It is much quieter and lighter but also has more features, such as a soft start and stop which reduces wear and tear on both the door and the motor. 

Drive Types

The drive type is how your garage door travels along the guide. Within the guide is a chain or belt opener which moves the trolley along the guide to open and close your door. 

The belt-driven openers are the among the quietest garage door openers and are the ideal option if you have a garage connected to your home. 

A chain-driven garage door opener uses a chain to open and close the door and is best for most garage doors that are designed to be around for many years, as long as routine maintenance is performed. 

Our most popular chain-driven garage door opener is the LiftMaster 8500W Wall Mount Wi-Fi garage door opener.  

Features of the Liftmaster Wall Mount WI-FI Garage Door Opener: 

  • Built-In WI-FI for the easiest way to connect to the garage. 
  • Included automatic garage door lock makes the garage door virtually impenetrable. 
  • MyQ Mobile App lets users receive alerts and control the opener from anywhere.** 
  • Integrated battery backup ensures access even when the power’s out. 
  • Wall-mount design and quiet DC motor eliminates noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provides smooth operation 
  • Heavy-lifting power operates doors up to 850 pounds. 
  • And much more! 

**Linking your MyQ account to a partner may require an additional accessory purchase or subscription fee. 

Additionally, to reinforce the garage door opener, our heavy-duty rail is available. These double-reinforced, C-channel rails support the industry’s tallest and heaviest of residential garage doors. These rails are compatible with all existing Overhead Door openers and can supplement any belt or chain driven models. While they are double the weight of a standard rail, they can still be installed by a single technician with ease. 

Opener Remotes and Keypads 

We offer a variety of convenience-forward accessories that can help simplify life. Each offers unique features to help you use your system to the fullest. 

Universal Wireless Keypad 

This device offers homeowners a simple opening solution with one device and pin. For homeowners with multiple garage doors, it may not always be easy to remember the various access codes. With the Universal Wireless Keypad, you can operate up to three different garage door openers with a single PIN. It is easy to set up and control and is compatible with some of the most popular garage door opener brands on the market.  

Universal Remote 

The Universal Remote can be programmed to operate up to four garage door openers or gate receivers. This helps reduce the clutter of multiple remotes! This device is compact and can fit in the palm of your hand or can be used with the versatile visor clip or key ring loop. 

OHD Anywhere App 

In addition to the wireless keypad and remote, we offer peace of mind with the OHD Anywhere® App. This app gives you the control and monitoring system to view your garage door from anywhere and anytime with your smartphone. You can instantly know when someone is using the garage door, or you can open the garage door for service technicians or friends without having to provide a password or PIN for the garage. The OHD Anywhere® smart device enables you to view the history of each of your openers as well.  

Wireless Wall Console 

There are a wide variety of wall consoles and keypad options available on the market. The Overhead Door™ Wireless Wall Console is an innovative battery-powered solution for your garage door system that eliminates the need for wires running up the wall. This system also includes a “Jogger Button” which provides a 10-second delay. It also has an up/down door button with optional LED backlight and separate work light button to control the light on the opener. When the backlight has two pulsating speeds and turns red, it’s time to change the batteries. 

No matter which Overhead Door™ garage door you may own, there are many opener and accessory options available to you. Contact us to learn more about these and other convenient products.